1: Schedule

You schedule a free pickup. We bring empty boxes to your door.

2: Pack

You pack the boxes, tag them, and we take them away.

3: Store

Your boxes sit pretty in a professional storage until needed again.

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Love From Our Customers
  • Clear communication, on-time picking up and delivery, coupled with friendly service has made my experience of storing my belongings with Vault Dragon a very pleasant one!

    Stephanie SCustomer
  • Vault Dragon is a great service for those who need more breathing space.

    Shiwani AgarwalCustomer
  • Clean boxes and prompt response to all customer queries is what made me love Vault Dragon. Awesome service!!

    Tan Shi WeiCustomer
Easy Pricing 
Storage Per Box
SGD 13 .50
Per Month
  • Store for a month or a year, pay for what you use.
  • Pickups are always FREE! Just think of us when you need your stuff stored, you don't have to pay a penny.
SGD 18 .50
+ SGD 1 per box
  • We charge a nominal fee to deliver your boxes back to you.
  • Eg - 4 boxes would cost SGD 22.50
Long Term Discounts
  • 10% for 6 months storage
  • 15% for 1 year storage
  • 25% for more than 2 years storage
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Industrial Grade Security Box!

We know it is hard to trust strangers with your stuff that you love so much. We have been through that, and we understand your pain. Hence, our boxes are especially designed to take extra care of your precious. Our waterproof industrial grade security boxes ensure that you will get it back in the same condition.

Doorstep Delivery

Wherever you are, we'll bring your boxes to you, empty or filled. No more trips to the self-storage.

Cost Effective

Pay for the actual space used and for your desired duration, not a penny more!

Customer Service

We are committed to delivering the 'wow' experience and your feedback makes us better. Drop us a line and give us an earful.


Professional storage with 24/7 CCTV, biometric access and security guards.

Insurance Coverage

But for the paranoids who want to be extra-sure, we offer super-affordable insurance from theft, water, fire, haze, bears, golems and pretty much anything.


Not sure how many boxes you need? Get 5 boxes today, and 10 more tomorrow.

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Get In Touch

  • Blk 2 Balestier Road #03-647 Singapore 320002
  • +65 9385 9924
  • hello@vaultdragon.com
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Can I use my own boxes?

Sorry, that won't be possible. We only accept Vault Dragon boxes for security and insurance purposes. But don't fret, you'll love our vaults! :)

What if my stuff doesn't fit in your boxes?

We can always provide more boxes if it is a matter of space.

Unfortunately, we do not store odd sized items with us if it can't fit in our boxes due to shape or size.

How big are your vaults?

Vault Dragon offers industrial-grade plastic boxes that are durable and water resistant.

Each vault is a standard size- 24inch L x 15.2inch W x 14inch H

How much stuff can I put in the vault?

Think of our vaults as your unlimited invisible basement. In our experience, one vault can store:

20 pairs of shoes
or 40 shirts and 10 sweaters
or 90 books.

Guys, our vault can easily fit your beloved army dufflebag. Girls, think handbags, shoes, makeup kits!

Packed vaults shouldn't exceed the maximum weight of 100 kilograms. Please pack heavier items into different vaults.

Can I come to the warehouse to pick up my stuff?

We do not allow public access to our warehouse for security reasons.

Please contact us at hello@vaultdragon.com if you have a unique situation.

When do you start charging?

We start charging for storage from the day when we pick up your packed boxes. We bill you at the end of every month, unless you choose to pay upfront and avail the prepayment discount.

Is there a maximum period for storage?

There is no cap on the duration of time for which you can store your stuff with us. We are here to stay!

Also, we have loyalty discounts for those who store with us for more than six months. PING us to find out more!

What can I store with you?

Anything that fits in our vaults. Except Illegal substances, Perishables and Hazardous materials. For a complete list, please see our Terms of Service.

What areas does Vault Dragon serve?

We can reach every nook and cranny in Hong Kong & Singapore, except no-go zones like islands and forests.

What are your operating hours?

Our working hours are Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.

How many boxes can I order at a time?

Unlimited! Crazy, right?

There's no limit on how many boxes you can order. If you are unsure of how many boxes you would need, just provide us with a rough estimate and we'll bring a few extra empty boxes for you to try.

If you still can't fit everything in the boxes, don't worry! Pickups are always free so you can schedule another one for the next day and we'll bring more storage space right to your door.

Oops I ordered too many/too little boxes... What now?

Don't fret at all!

If you ordered too little, we always have extra empty boxes with us for you to fill. If somehow we don't have extra boxes, just schedule another pick up for the next day. Pickups are free, remember?!

If you ordered too many, you can just fill as many as you need and you'll only be charged for them. Your extra boxes will then serve another customer in need.

Can you pack my vaults for me?

Nope. Sorry! We wouldn't want to invade your privacy.

How long can I hold on to the boxes for packing?

You can take upto a week to pack the boxes. We would not charge you for that week.